Closed car transports Protected from the public eye and anonymized

Transfer of individual vehicles or entire vehicle fleets 

Decades of experience in the transportation of motor vehicles have left a lasting impression on our service. The established training of our drivers in technology and quality ensures first-class services for our customers. Assisting and securing technology makes it easier for our drivers to lend a hand. The recipient is satisfied. Added value is created for the client.

Closed vehicle transports are booked by manufacturers who have not yet released a new brand but distribute it to car dealerships. Or by private clubs for upcoming car rallies at various locations. We collect the rarities in Germany and transport these vehicles to special events at breathtaking locations in Europe, where the corresponding stages with various special tests are driven. Of course, the closed car transporters can also be used in a rally series and for regional championships.

vehicles for special events 
load safety and protection 
application for rally series 
satellite monitoring 
transports protected from public eyes and anonymized 
experiences drivers in handling cars 

In our closed car transporters, the vehicles are specially protected from view, stone chips, weather influences and access. The vehicles are monitored via satellite during transportation. Accesses are registered and alarm functions are triggered. Our drivers take care of transport security and the transport process. We take care of its safety and the protection of the load.

Transporting classic cars, racing cars & rarities 

Private individuals also book spaces with us for the transportation of their ‘loved ones’, mainly to and from vacation destinations or upcoming model tours. Whether classic cars or rarities, racing cars or ‘workhorses’, with us they are in the best hands with individual service around the clock, 7 days a week (24/7)

We take care of the customs formalities and are in contact with all the important authorities involved in the transportation of vehicles.

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Voices of satisfied customers 

“I commissioned the Benzinger forwarding company to transport a car from Mallorca to Germany and one from Germany to Mallorca. Benzinger not only provided the fastest quote, but was also the most flexible in terms of pick-up location/delivery address – and at a comparatively good price. In the end, the transportation went smoothly and was completed faster than promised. In this respect, I can clearly recommend Benzinger. Many thanks for the great service!”


Marco E.