Benzinger truck mounted forkliftAlways on site if required

The truck mounted forklift - with 4-way forklifts even in the tightest of spaces 

Rolf Benzinger Spedition recognized the need for truck-mounted forklifts on site at an early
stage and can offer this additional service without any problems. Palletized goods, whether
bulky, high or long, can be carried by the truck-mounted forklifts up to a weight of 2.5 tons.
The loading process is therefore weightless and precise.

The drivers are trained separately to handle 2-way and 4-way forklifts. The 2-way stackers
run forwards and backwards and the 4-way stackers in all directions. The latter is often used
in underground garages or in confined spaces. Almost anything is possible!

weightless and accurate 
always on site if required 
light and fast 
saves valuable time and increases productivity 

Saves valuable time and increases productivity 

Several customers use our truck-mounted forklifts for their on-site logistics to serve various points of use on delivery and save on forklift personnel. This can save costs in certain constellations because synergy effects are created.

Customers also use our service to deliver heavy and long pallets to private recipients. Here, we serve the recipients with our truck-mounted forklifts up to the last possible drop-off point that the forklift reaches. Many of our customers have rated this service highly.
The fleet is specially equipped to accommodate truck-mounted forklifts, so that this logistics solution is available quickly and easily. Furthermore, thanks to our presence in Germany, we are quickly on site to take over transportation.

Take advantage of our possibilities and request your transportation from us.

Voices of satisfied customers 

“I commissioned the Benzinger forwarding company to transport a car from Mallorca to Germany and one from Germany to Mallorca. Benzinger not only provided the fastest quote, but was also the most flexible in terms of pick-up location/delivery address – and at a comparatively good price. In the end, the transportation went smoothly and was completed faster than promised. In this respect, I can clearly recommend Benzinger. Many thanks for the great service!”

Marco E.